Welcome to our Thermal Engineering page

As well as offering Ceramic coating for our exhausts we can now also offer bespoke heatshielding.

Having invested in the latest technology we now have a dedicated department offering the best in thermal management solutions.

We can offer integral heatshielding or hard lagging as it's otherwise known where each pipe is encased in it's own micro spotwelded stainless steel shell (other materials available).

 We can also create clam shell removable pressings to encase a complete manifold. or various exhaust components, catalysts, silencers etc.

Both of these solutions use a microporous ceramic or silica based mat which in the encased in the stainless steel outer shell.

These offer significant  improvements over the old style exhaust wrap.

We serve Motorsport, Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Industrial and Agricultural industries and many more.


Benefits of Ceramic coating and Integral heatshielding

  • Significantly lower exhaust temperatures around -33% with ceramic, up to -70-90% with integral heatshielding
  • Lower engine bay temperatures
  • Protection of vunerable parts in close proximity to exhaust
  • Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads etc