A.p.h Precision Fabrications are experienced in fabrication work using all types of materials including:


Stainless Steels


304: The most popular grade of Stainless for a majority of Exhaust systems, Relatively low cost, corrosion and heat resistant.


316: Properties include Higher corrosion resistance.  commonly used in the Marine, Medical and Food/Drink industries


321: excellent forming and welding properties, well suited for Turbo Manifolds


Inconel and Nimonic Alloys


These ‘Superalloys’ feature  a higher Nickel content and  are more suited to extreme motorsport and aerospace.


They offer much higher resistance to repeated high temperature heat cycles and their properties allow much thinner wall material to be used in relation to stainless steel resulting in stronger, lighter exhaust systems.

Typical grades include 625 and 718




Titanium alloys feature Prominently in Motorcycle race exhaust systems including

Moto Gp, World Superbikes and National Superbike Championships, Also very popular with Road and track based motorcycle enthusiasts wanting a lightweight exhaust system.

Titanium does not have the same strength or heat resisting properties as Inconel but it can be up to 50% lighter.

Typical grades include Grade 2, Grade 5 (Ti-6AI-4V) KS Ti 1.2 ASNEX




 Widely used in many industries due its low weight and malleability, corrosion resistance and strength-weight

Typical grades include 3003, 6061,6063, 6082


Ceramic Coatings

We can also offer High temperature  plasma sprayed ceramic coatings for extreme applications.